Is the IPVanish VPN Service Any Good?

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Does the IPVanish deliver a fast, reliable, and secure service? With access to IPs in countries, this company appears to be constantly improving and innovating. Save time by reading this detailed review as we reveal the pros, cons, as well as what real customers have to say about their service.

The cold hard reality of using the Internet is that every single time you log on everything about you is being tracked by a million and one different entities, whether you know it or not.

And I’m not just talking about the governmental agencies or cookie stuffing websites looking to sell you some form of modern-day snake oil to fill their less than ethical marketer bank accounts, but also talking about legitimate – and not so legitimate – entities looking to gain access to as much of your personal information as humanly possible to use for their own reasons.

This could be something as simple and subtle as getting you to fill out all of the information that Facebook asks as accurately as humanly possible, or as malicious as sending you real looking emails that secretly back door install all different kinds of malicious software and technology to track each and every one of your keystrokes in an effort to steal your identity.

All of this is happening behind the scenes, just as invisible as the wireless connection in your home. And the only way to stop it is to create an insulated bubble for each and every one of your outgoing and incoming connections with an anonymous VPN server like IPVanish.  So in this IPVanish review, we’re going to look at whether this service delivers what users should be looking for in a VPN company.

Not Just a Tool for Online Piratesipvanish vpn

It used to be that the overwhelming majority of people looking for a VPN service like the one offered by industry titan IPVanish were online pirates trying to hide their illegal practices – but not anymore. Nowadays, the IPVanish service is being used by regular people just like you and I in overdifferent countries around the globe – regular people just looking to protect their personal information from a global community that is becoming less and less secure every single day.

Protect Your Privacy

IPVanish does not record or store any of its user’s activity while connected to the IPVanish server. Anonymity is important when it comes to privacy because you don’t want people to know where you went or what you did while connected to the VPN.  IPVanish protects you by not keeping track of any of this information. With over 15 years of dedicated experience in the tech world and specifically and creating secure and lockdown VPNs for all different kinds of clients and customers, you’ll have the peace of mind you deserve a knowing that you are as protected as possible the moment you plug into a IPVanish server. Combine that with instant access to well overIP addresses, more thanVPN servers (with more being added on a regular basis) strategically located all over the globe to offer ridiculously high and smooth performance, as well as probably the strongest network speed and capacity you’ll find in the industry, you’d be more than a little bit foolish to go with any other VPN server than the one offered by IPVanish.   Users who sign up with them can select a server nearer to their geographic location improving access times online.

How Does IPVanish Work?

While the technical details are more than a little bit involved to speak about here, think of a VPN server as a technology that routes all of your Internet activity through an encryption protocol comparable to the ones that governments all over the world – including the United States – use to protect their most sensitive secrets. Not only that, but you’ll be able to control your IP rather than use the one that is automatically attached to you as a digital signature, giving you more freedom to move about the web without worrying about who’s paying attention to each and every site you visit, what you spend time reading or researching, or even being able to track your downloads.

Think of this not as a fake ID but as a shell or ghost identity that you can slip into and assume, allowing you to move across the Internet without detection or being able to be tracked or traced. And even if by some miracle – and it literally would take some form of divine intervention for anyone to be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together that a VPN like IPVanish creates – all of your information would still be 100% secured and encrypted with a technology that cannot even be broken by even the most powerful government’s computers.

Access Unrivaled Technological Advances With IPVanish

Understanding that the rate of technology shifts and changes faster than even the weather sometimes, the IPVanish has been built on the back of multiple VPN protocols (OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP) and also allows to simultaneous VPN connections to ensure that you are getting the most that a VPN service has to offer. This means that you’ll be under the IPVanish protective of umbrella in ways that most other companies can’t even imagine to begin offering, while at the same time giving you almost unlimited and unthrottled speeds with zero usage limits across the board – meaning you can download or transfer information to your heart’s content without worrying about losing any speed or being capped and blocked out of the platform for any reason.  This means you can access any country-restricted websites such as Hulu and Netflix even though they are blocked by our ISP/country.

Is It All Sunshine and Roses With IPVanish?

While there are incredible advantages to be leveraged just by using the IPVanish platform, it doesn’t work all on its own. Not only will you have to sign up for the monthly, quarterly, or annual membership (which will add a little bit to your overall amount of money that you’re spending for Internet access right now), but you’ll also have to make sure you are running behind the completely free IPVanish VPN software on a regular basis. Each and every time you step out from behind their dedicated platform you expose yourself, rendering the service useless.

The IPVanish software can be installed on any number of devices and is compatible on both Windows and Mac operating systems.  Mobile anonymous browsing is available on iOS and Android on your cell phone, tablet, or Internet accessible device in addition to another device such as a laptop or home desktop.  You are, however, only able to enjoy the same kind of elite level protection with two simultaneous connections.  So you can use one OpenVPN connection for your desktop or laptop and another type of connection (eg. PPTP) on your tablet or cell phone.  This may be a limitation for some users but for most, this is more than sufficient – as IPVanish has once again been recognized as the number one VPN service by and their editors.

Anonymous Payments Now Accepted In Addition to Credit Cards

With any VPN service, you want to make sure as a user, you maintain your anonymity from the service itself.  After all, if you sign up for a service to prevent others from know what you’re doing only to give up the anonymity to the VPN company you sign up for, it really defeats the purpose of being anonymous to begin with.  This is why IPVanish now offers Bitcoin payments.  Bitcoin is a fantastic way to pay since using your credit card could expose you as a possible user of the service.  A fast, secure VPN with Bitcoin payments takes anonymity to another level and sets them above many other competitor VPN companies.

What Do Others Say About Their Service?

Before signing up for their service, it is a good idea to find out what feedback this company has received.  This will give you a better idea of how good their service is.  The feedback we’ve found is overwhelmingly positive.  Take a look at what some say about it here:

“Impressive speeds so far, actually close to 2x faster than my last provider.” — Sampson,

“I use IPVanish a lot because the performance is good.”  — NewsgroupRev,

“From my personal opinion it would be best to use IPVanish.”  — Gremeaunk49,

“I must say that my personal favourite has to be IPVanish. Add to that (privacy) I get really good speeds and they are competitively priced seems a win.”  — Jaymz,

Many users expressed delight to find no degradation of speed while browsing Internet, watching videos, and downloading.

Performance, anonymity, security, speed, and great support are all very important criteria when it comes to selecting a good VPN provider.  If security, safety, and value are your number one priorities when you’re online, then this is the kind of platform you simply cannot ignore. Look into moving forward with IPVanish as soon as you have a spare moment – you’ll be glad you did.

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