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Does StrongVPN offer the protection you seek? Get the real facts on this service without the hype. Save time and learn the pros, cons, and read up on real reviews by real customers.

Internet privacy has become a hot button issue over the last few years. Users want to be able to browse privately and safely, which is why many turn to VPN providers like Strong VPN. Strong VPN is rated as one of the best VPN services on the Internet. Strong VPN is powered by a large and customizable network that can provide a number of benefits to Internet users, who are concerned with security and privacy. This Strong VPN review will break down some of the most common uses for a VPN and some of the advantages that Strong VPN offers over the competition.

Why Is a VPN Necessary?

You might be asking yourself why you need a VPN service. After all, if you can connect directly and enjoy decent connection speeds, there’s no need to have another layer to slow things down, right?  Well, there are many reasons why VPN is used and we explore them below.

Here are some of the most common uses for a VPN:

  1. The biggest reason to use a VPN is for added security. Strong VPN will create a virtual tunnel between their computer and yours, which adds another layer of security. This is a huge concern for people that send a lot of sensitive information over the Internet or those that just want to keep their identity safe online.
  2. Strong VPN accounts can be used as a virtual firewall. Strong VPN will keep your IP address hidden. Most attacks are directed at a computer’s IP address, so this account actually works as a firewall between your computer and the people seeking to attack it.
  3. Strong VPN allows you to surf the Internet anonymously. Your IP address is often traced and tracked for criminal purposes. Using a VPN will keep your IP address hidden so no one knows who or where you are.
  4. Strong VPN makes it easier to shop and surf from other countries. Anyone that has ever lived in a foreign country knows that many sites are blocked. Since your IP address will always look American you will not be stopped from using eCommerce sites while overseas.
  5. This service will keep you safe on public Wi-Fi sites. Wi-Fi hotspots are far more common, but so are the people that are hacking them. Strong VPN will keep your log in in formation and passwords safe while you surf on public Wi-Fi.
  6. You can get better rates on Skype. Skype uses your IP address to figure out where you are calling from, which affects your rates. Rates are obviously cheaper for domestic calls, so with Strong VPN you will get domestic rates even when you are calling from overseas. The service pays for itself if you use Skype a lot from foreign countries.
  7. You can unblock restricted sites. There are many countries around the world that censor the Internet and restrict access to certain sites. Strong VPN will allow you to access restricted sites, which is a huge benefit for people living in countries that censor the Internet.
  8. It works like a proxy, only better. Many people try to achieve these same results with a free proxy. While proxies do provide some level of anonymity they don’t have nearly the level of encryption of a VPN.

What Makes Strong VPN A Popular Choice

strong vpn
You are now aware of some of the common uses of a VPN service, so it is the time in the Strong VPN review to show the benefits of this particular company. It is strongly recommended by many Internet users. Here are some of the reasons to choose Strong VPN over other services.

  1. Experience. Strong VPN has been around since 1994 and has expanded into a global company with many dedicated users worldwide. It would be hard to find another VPN company with this level of experience.
  2. They support many different protocols. Strong VPN supports OpenVPN SSL, PPTP/L2TP and SSTP, so it will work on a number of devices and platforms.
  3. Strong VPN works with most operating systems and platforms. You can use this service with most popular devices and brands such as iPod, iPad, Android, Linux, Mac, Windows etc.
  4. A multitude of IP address and countries. Strong VPN has more than 300 servers spread over 19 different countries.  You can get a static IP compared to other providers.
  5. Customizable packages and pricing. You can choose from a variety of different packages that will suit almost all needs and budgets. The basic package starts at just $7 per month. Strong VPN has seven different packages to choose from, which is much better than many services.  You have a great deal of flexibility depending on your intended use and budget.
  6. They don’t keep your records. Strong VPN will only keep temporary records of your Internet activity and not permanent logs, so your information cannot be used against you.
  7. You can pay any way you like. Strong VPN accepts just about any method of payment, so you can use it no matter where you are.
  8. Great customer service and support. Not only can you email and Skype customer service representatives, but there is also a 24/7 live chat on the Strong VPN website. They can even help you remotely with Teamviewer.  This means you can get help whenever you need it.

Are There Any Negatives To Know About?

Here is the part of the Strong VPN review for the negatives of this service. Luckily there are not many to report. Some users claim that their Internet speed was slowed down while using Strong VPN. Strong VPN, however, should not affect your computer’s speed since it does not throttle servers. If you seem to be having problems with Internet speed, Strong VPN has a number of recommendations you can follow. With easy to follow instructions and 24/7 live customer service you should be able to fix any problems that occur.

What Do Their Customers Say?

Looking at the feedback of actual users is a fairly good indicator of whether the company will live up to your expectations.  The evidence is overwhelmingly positive in terms of its reliability, security, speed, and support.  Here are what some say about this service:

“If you want to use openvpn then surely strong vpn is the best deal.”  — 85524988,

“I use strongvpn all the time, its solid.”  — myk08,

“Connection is good enough to watch all online shows (hulu, abc, nbc… etc) with no buffer errors.”  — 070707,

“Worked pretty good for my basic surfing needs and support was good too.”  — jacky8,

“I am in China and have been using StrongVPN for a while. The bandwidth is fine as I can easily stream Hulu, Netflix and whatever. I even bypass the Chinese firewall. The customer support is top notch.” — bills,

“I can recommend them. Service is great, live support always there if needed.” — seolinker,

“I doubt you can find a better VPN provider. With you get a static IP address. I have been a customer with StrongVPN for years and there has never been a problem with the bandwidth. Also the high quality customer support is something to consider. So if you want quality and no problems go with StrongVPN.”  — Arne Bolen,

The Verdict

If you are looking for a great VPN service that delivers on all of its promises then you should definitely consider Strong VPN. They have decades of experience and offer comprehensive packages that are inexpensive but still robust. Strong VPN will keep your computer safe while surfing and allow you to unlock the full power of the Internet safely, no matter where you are. With so many benefits, and so few negatives it is hard to believe that this service is so affordable. Go check out their website and you can get started surfing safely today.

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